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More About Thomas

Respect, integrity, and love the values that guide me. I am an educator, facilitator, and coach. An eternal optimist, I believe in the power of supportive change to access your individual and team's potential. My success has been defined by respecting myself and others, staying true to my goals, and loving the human paradox.

I began coaching as the head varsity coach for a softball program in Northampton, Massachusetts. As a young coach, I quickly learned that achieving highly effective teams requires patience, compassion, and expertise. I coached mindfulness, trusting the process, playfulness, and of course skill development. I fell in love with coaching, and pivoted into health education, continuing to coach young people in making healthier and safer choices.

My professional experience center as much on process improvement, as topic expertise. I use continuous improvement principles to innovate and create new programs. I have developed health advisory boards, performance and art-based public health programs, mastered motivational interviewing skills and much more. I have been recognized as an award winning program design specialist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and helped hundreds to make lasting behavior change.


In addition to working in college health since 2012, I have consulted for The Center for Addiction and Recovery, Smith College’s summer excellence program and Amherst Regional High School’s cross-country team. I have led staff trainings on LGBTQ health disparities, narrative therapy, trauma-informed care, continuous improvement, and more. I have presented at national conferences for higher education, and have been recognized for my cutting-edge program design.


I am a life long learner,  pursuing training in behavioral development/management in the Nurtured Heart approach as well as Regenerative Design program modeling for social engagement. In January, 2023 I completed my second master's degree in Business Administration, with a specialized focus in Public Management.

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