More About Thomas

Thomas has worked with cannabis education since 2012. Never one to polarize, he has rigorously engaged various communities to learn from cannabis dispensaries, state regulatory bodies, parents, and consumers of all ages and backgrounds. This critical analysis is necessary to customize the most relevant information for any audience.

Thomas Claire has worked professionally in group dynamics, program design, evaluation and behavioral health mentorship since 2007. Prior to beginning his career as a community health educator, he sculpted groups in service of peak athletic performance.

In 2007 Thomas became an athletic leadership coach for a small non-profit in an old industrial town in New England. That position quickly encompassed educating young people about health topics ranging from relationships, nutrition, sexuality, to substance use and abuse. Thomas felt called to go deeper in his work as a community health educator. In 2012 he completed his master’s degree in Public Health with a focus in community health education and policy.  

Since graduating, Thomas has worked to develop health advisory boards, performative public health programs, mastering motivational interviewing skills and much more. He is an award winning program specialist.

He has consulted for: The Center for Addiction and Recovery, Smith College’s summer excellence program and Amherst Regional High School’s cross-country team. He has presented at national conferences for higher education, being recognized for his cutting-edge program design in the field of college health. Mr. Claire has pursued training in behavioral development/management in the Nurtured Heart approach and has studied Regenerative Design program modeling for social engagement projects since 2015.